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This is my cat history.It started when my dad's friend's daughter found a cat in the middle of a desert full of dogs and coyotes.They took him home and they named him Rascal.They couldn't find it's owner.One day, they came over to our house while we had a barbeque. They asked us if we wanted the cat.I have NEVER gotten a pet before(I've only seen them at my friends' houses).We took the cat and it's supplys.We were having fun with Rascal for awhile.One day, Once we got back from Reno, we couldn't find Rascal for five days!A week later, my mother started to ask people door to door.Two doors down, our neighbor told us, " Oh sure! we've seen your cat! He has come here to eat for a few days."So we took him back home and had fun with him.Close to a month later,we heard a knock on the door while we were playing The Game Of Life on the PS2.My dad paused the game and opened the door.It was our neighbor two doors down. He said, " My girlfriend kicked me out, so I have to go live my mother.The problem is she's allergic to my cats. Could you take these two?" He had a black cat in one hand and a mixed colored cat in the other. We took the two cats and have Rascal meet them. A few days later, we named the male black cat Shadow,and the female cat Scootch. Weeks later, Scootch ran away and couldn't find her way back.And now there are two,Shadow and Rascal. Shadow is a normal house cat, but we don't see Rascal much.Well, that's about it.Long story,eh?


me & Shadow